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      Notice Bulletin:
      Chongqing West Aluminum XinDa aluminum industry Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 1994. The company is located in the "China aluminum processing capital", which is known at home and abroad because of the Shenzhou flying. The strong technical and production processing capability of the Southwest Aluminum Industry Group is a special door engaged in the development and production of aluminum and aluminum alloy materials. Comprehensive service enterprises, processing and selling. The products include aluminum alloy forgings, aluminum alloy plates, pretension plates, aluminum bars, aluminum materials, aluminum tubes, aluminum profiles, aluminum foil and various deep processing products, as well as the processing of high temperature alloy and titanium alloy forgings. It is widely used in the field of aviation, aerospace, military and military weapons, machinery manufacturing, electric power grid, petrochemical, railway rail transit, ship, automobile lightweight, electronic appliances 【Understand more】
      Aluminum processing technology
      Knowledge of aluminum industry
      The West Aluminum aluminum industry aims at the domestic market and the advanced technology of international aluminum processing, giving full play to the advantages of enterprises, and scientifically
      Aluminum processing technology
      Guided by science and technology, we must stick to the integrity management and take the road of quality development, protect the environment and save resources. The West Aluminum and aluminum industr
      Quality Assurance
      We have been adhering to the principle of "sharing of interests, risk sharing and common development", so as to build an excellent supply chain system as the ultimate goal of supplier management. We s
      Contribute to society
      We are willing to undertake social responsibility and strive to promote the sustainable development of the community where our business is located. By increasing the CSR implementation intensity every
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