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        Aluminum industry: opening up a new situation in the changing situation

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        With hitherto unknown novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, frequent natural disasters and turbulent international economic and trade situation, the world's industrial development is facing unprecedented challenges this year.

        West Aluminum - West Aluminum Industry Telecom: With hitherto unknown novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, frequent natural disasters and turbulent international economic and trade situation, the world's industrial development is facing unprecedented challenges this year. As aluminum is one of the bulk commodities initiated by the United States for trade war, China's aluminum industry has been suppressed earlier and affected. How to deal with the new and complex situation? This is a must answer question for every practitioner in aluminum industry.

        In this regard, the reporter believes that as long as we assess the situation, adjust the strategy, timely implement the "three turns" and calmly deal with it, we can open up a new situation in the changing situation.

        Turn to the market. Since entering the new era, China's electrolytic aluminum production accounts for more than half of the world's total output for consecutive years. The domestic market is in a saturated state, and some aluminum is exported to foreign countries in the form of primary processing materials, deep-processing materials or parts. Since the United States provoked trade frictions, aluminum exports have encountered difficulties such as high tariff barriers and the sharp increase of export costs. In particular, China tiktok over international trade rules this year has not only increased its pressure on Chinese products, but also tried to form an international league to suppress China, and to kill all Chinese enterprises such as ZTE, HUAWEI and jabo. However, for aluminum and aluminum products, some western countries always start "double anti", which makes it more and more difficult for China's aluminum products to be sold in the international market. Fortunately, China's policy to expand domestic demand is strong, and there is much room for maneuver, which creates good conditions for China's aluminum products export to domestic sales. Therefore, China's foreign oriented aluminum enterprises should seize the opportunity of expanding domestic demand, vigorously expand the application field of aluminum, and implement market transfer, that is, from the international market to the domestic market

        2. Re export. After some aluminum and aluminum products are transferred from the international market to the domestic market, the remaining part still needs to be put into the international market. So, to America and Europe, or to Asia and Africa? In order to avoid the risk of bullying the international market, China should follow the rules of international trade. We can see that one belt, one road, along the market, is a relatively clear and promising market. "One belt, one road" is not only China's "going out" platform, but also the world's public service platform. As one belt, one road, one belt, one road is far below the world average level, and the market growth is large and the growth duration is long. Therefore, aluminum has obvious late development advantages in the construction of "one belt and one road".

        3. Transfer business. For aluminum processing enterprises and the surviving enterprises after listing and stripping, on the basis of retaining traditional products, they should also vigorously develop new aluminum processing industry, and transform from traditional aluminum processing to new aluminum processing. Currently, the novel coronavirus pneumonia can be used around the world to fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. For example, the nose and aluminum strip on the medical mask, although a mask is only about 3 grams of aluminum, but the mask used in the world is now nearly 3 billion, equivalent to 9000 tons of aluminum masks per day, and 3 million 290 thousand tons a year, and most of the medical masks are being used worldwide. Made in China. In addition, protective clothing, goggles, special masks, etc. need to be put into the storage box after use, because to carry out high-temperature disinfection treatment, the storage box can not be made of plastic or wood. In this way, aluminum is indispensable. At present, the medical storage box made by an aluminum enterprise in China is not only widely used by domestic hospitals, but also sold to more than 100 countries in the world. Around the fight against the epidemic, some enterprises have developed aluminum crutches, wheelchairs, stretchers, walking aids, trolleys, sickbeds, medicine distribution boxes, medicine collection boxes, disinfection boxes, as well as the shells, supports, bases and partitions of medical instruments and instruments, with good benefits. In particular, large state-owned enterprises such as Sinopec, PetroChina and Chalco have built mask production lines one after another, and have become the world's largest mask manufacturer.

        Therefore, although the aluminum industry is currently facing many challenges, as long as the enterprise can respond to the situation, implement the "three changes" and open a new situation in the changing situation, the aluminum industry will have a bright future!

        (Chongqing Xialu Xinda Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. Publicity Department collates contributions)

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