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        Aluminum ring / aluminum ring

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        Product introduction

        The maximum diameter of the forged ring parts is 10000mm, the maximum height is 400mm, the maximum diameter of the aluminum rolling ring is 5000mm, and the maximum height is 800mm. It can provide ISO9001, AS9100 (Civil Aviation), PrEN9100 (aviation), GJB9001 (military standard) and ISO/TSI6949 five quality system certification to select supply.

        Technological process


        Introduction of equipment

        6000 ton free forging press

        The free forging is 4 tons, with a maximum width of 2.5m, a maximum length of 10m, a forging ring of 3.9m, and a maximum diameter of forged tube of 700 x 40 x 2200.

        The 10000 ton multidirectional die forging hydraulic press

        Die forging projection area of 0.33 square meters (aluminum), the maximum length of 2m, width 1m, height 0.8m.

        30000 ton die forging press

        Die forging projection area of 2 square meters, 1.2 square meters (aluminum) (titanium, steel), maximum length 9m, maximum width 2.5m, height 1m.

        5m NC radial axial ring rolling mill

        The diameter is 700 to 5000mm (height below 200mm) and the height is 80 to 800mm (below 2500mm).



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